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Holistic Pregnancy Support

Supporting families during the childbearing year is my life's greatest passion. I wholeheartedly believe that all birth givers should enter their birth space feeling loved, respected, and POWERFUL!

I specialize in offering the families that I serve unbiased and unwavering, holistic support throughout their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey by tuning into their unique needs and providing a balanced blend of alternative remedies and evidence-based resources to make their pregnancy, birth, and babymoon a joyful experience!

I draw on a wealth of advanced training in trauma informed care, natural medicine, and optimal fetal positioning that help my clients have healthy pregnancies and more comfortable birth experiences regardless of their birth preferences or location.

If you are ready to explore the depth of my support and how it can foster your birth vision, let's connect!

Maiden Love Families

I don't know how I would have gotten through my totally natural unmedicated birth without Courtnee. She held the space for me to be able to access my inner power and really get into the zone through my 11 hours of labor. Courtnee helped me and guided me through the first trimester all the way to my baby boy's birth. She helped me overcome my fears to be able to trust my body and my baby through the magical process of becoming a mother.

Sydney L.

Courtnee was a well of warmth, support, and love throughout my pregnancy and delivery for both me and my husband. When my labor stalled, she gently offered some other positions and techniques. After trying a new position and technique Courtnee suggested, my labor resumed and my baby was born shortly thereafter. Several of the nurses were so impressed with the sudden progress that they started using the techniques with some of the other mothers in labor that day. I'm so glad Courtnee was our doula, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is expecting.

Victoria P.

So grateful for all of the herbal goodies carefully crafted by Courtnee of Maiden Love Birth and Botanicals. Her custom tea blends, tinctures and other concoctions have helped to support me throughout my pregnancy and even now, in my fourth trimester. Also, love her products for baby, super soothing salve is keeping his sensitive areas protected ❤️

Not only do I not know how I could have possibly gotten this baby out of me without her guidance as a doula, but she has supported me in many ways throughout the entire journey and continues to do so. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to conceive, pregnant, or to mommies wanting a trusted resource for wellness products for their babies or small children.

Courtnee is passionate about birth work and supporting both mama and partner throughout the childbearing journey. I encourage you to reach out to her if you have any questions or needs as she is a wealth of knowledge and is always happy to guide and share information generously.

Thank you, Courtnee!

Heather M.

Courtnee not only takes the time to handcraft tinctures, teas and syrups made with the best quality of herbs, but she takes the time to blend things specific to ones needs. I've had the pleasure of using so many of her blends and each one is magical. She recently hand blended me a tincture to help with all the things that come with being a student midwife and it is beyond amazing. In fact I refer her to all my expecting Mamas. Thank you for all the love you pour into your bottles, bags, and tins. It's well loved.

Cassie R.

I received the new mama mood tincture from Courtnee yesterday and couldn't be more pleased with my tincture and my interaction with Courtnee. She was extremely professional and very knowledgeable. The tincture itself is amazing! I suffer from anxiety and get stressed easily. I have to say it honestly helped better than any of the meds my doctors give me. I recommend this product to anyone and everyone who suffers anxiety. The relief is quick and it really helps ground you. I will definately be coming back for not only myself but I will also be sending all my clients to her! Thank you Courtnee!!!!!!

Sarah S.

I just wanted to thank you again for providing your amazing doula services during Aria's birth. Your words and presence really made a big difference in helping me to cope during labor.

Erin M.

Maiden Love Birth and Botanicals is wonderful, Not only are the products and blends beautiful and effective, but the care and energy that goes into creating them is truly exquisite. I would highly recommend to my clients and anyone asking 😊🌸

Christine C.

Courtnee was an incredible help and support for my second pregnancy and labor. In every stage of my pregnancy she was able to help me by answering questions for me and preparing me for what to expect from my hospital checkups. We ended up switching to a homebirth in the last week of my pregnancy. I was confident in this decision knowing that Courtnee would be there with her knowledge and pain relief techniques. My labor was quick and easy, and having a great doula helped make that happen! She also has fantastic teas and other herbal products that will make any soon to be mother feel pampered.

Michelle E.

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Jessie Brown

Herbs on Wooden Spoon

The Maiden Love Apothecary

Herbal Remedies for the Childbearing Year

Maiden Love Botanicals was created from a place of deep love and reverence for the childbearing year; that special and sacred time where a Maiden blossoms into a Mother.

During this season of life many of us experience a stronger connectedness to nature and feel drawn to plant remedies as we seek out gentle and non-toxic ways to promote a healthy and joyous pregnancy. Unfortunately, many care providers have limited knowledge of botanical safety during the childbearing year. As a result, women may feel conflicted about using herbal preparations during this time and turn elsewhere for relief.

Maiden Love is here to change all of that! Together we can explore pregnancy and lactation friendly herbal remedies that not only tackle common pregnancy discomforts but also increase your sense of vitality and overall wellness as you embark on the incredible journey of motherhood.

We combine the best of botanical science with traditional Wise Woman wisdom to craft gentle and effective botanical blends that are minimalist in design, graceful in their actions and have far-reaching benefits for your entire being.

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