Postpartum Care Package

Postpartum Care Package


Treat yourself or someone you love to the ultimate postpartum wellness package. Pick 4 of your favorite items below to create a bundle to meet your unique postpartum needs.


Sore Bit Soother sitz bath and peri wash to soothe sore tissues and promote perineal tissue repair.


Vitali-tea tea blend to help boost mineral stores before and after birth.


Belly Birth Tea promotes optimal incision healing, gentle tones the uterus, and can ease digestive discomfort that often accompanies c-sections.


Milky Magic tea to restore vitality, aid in relaxation and letdown, and encourage plentiful milk supply.


Mucho Milk Capsules are full of milk supply boosting herbal goodness. This is a great option for those looking to boost supply.


New Mama Mood tincture to help ease anxiety and regulate postpartum hormones.


All Purpose Salve to soothe and heal red baby bums, cracked nipples, bites, bruises, and more!

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